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The Company

Established in September 2007, REAL access international, pt. is now becoming a fast growing and well-known freight forwarding and logistics provider in INDONESIA. We provide you one-stop service from A to Z, to fulfill your needs of the comprehensive logistics supply-chain services -nationally and internationally- in the current global market.

Licensed as an international freight forwarder and logistics provider, we have been moving many kind of cargoes and handling many kind of shipments for manufacturing, industrial, retail, government and personal clients to and from most of countries over the world. Moreover, we have been providing logistics supply-chain solutions that go beyond the physical movement of the goods.

And supported by our highly dedicated team of professional, well-trained and experienced, we have been being developed in order to achieve the highest clients satisfaction. It results to the number increase of our clients and business partners time by time, as well as rapid growing of our business.

So, please find out our REAL service today and feel the different experience…